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Introducing: Bill Job

Bill Job

Bill and his wife Kitty moved to China in 1987, at the age of 39, with their two daughters, Patty and Christy, 6 and 8 years old.

In February 1988, Bill was able to start the first of several companies in Xiamen, China. Knowing that he did not know how to run a business there, he planned to stay very small and make many mistakes. The first company was making hand-tied fishing flies. His first partner in the US became sick and died one year into the project. Not wanting to leave, Bill saw the Lord open up new opportunities to start other businesses. He gave the first large company to a local believer to own and operate after 25 years. Over the years, there have been nine different product lines in three companies. All these companies are still operating.

The Lord revealed technical, financial, personnel, manufacturing, and marketing solutions. As Bill saw this happening, he realized every idea he brought with him to China was incorrect regarding how to partner with the Lord to see the Kingdom established in the businesses he would steward.

Today, Bill is most interested in encouraging entrepreneurs and business operators to explore the practical meaning of “steward” regarding their businesses and business ideas.

After traveling worldwide, visiting people starting and operating businesses for the Kingdom, Bill believes we have more to learn about the “easy yoke” Jesus offers. He hopes to help people discover how to experience this offer. Everywhere he goes, he finds people burdened with their load.

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